What is it?

A semen analysis is a test of a semen sample to evaluate the overall quality of a male’s fertility. The sample is processed and assessed in the laboratory to determine the total number, shape and movement of the sperm in an ejaculate.

Did you know that male factor infertility accounts for 1/3 of all infertility cases?

While a poor semen result may be disappointing and unexpected, it will enable you to proceed with getting the help you need to conceive. Many couples spend months or even years trying to conceive with sperm quality that is not sufficient for conception.

Why is it done?

A semen analysis helps to identify if the cause of infertility is due to issues associated with the sperm. It is an important test used in fertility evaluation. A semen analysis measures:

"I am so grateful I had a semen analysis test after seeing my fertility specialist. We were able to identify my sperm had low motility so our doctor ordered ICSI treatment for us which has brought us our beautiful baby".

How much does the test cost?

A semen analysis does attract a Medicare rebate with a valid doctor's referral. Please refer to our Fee Schedule. Self referred semen analysis are no longer available at Concept.

How do I arrange a semen analysis?

A doctor’s referral, is required to undertake a semen analyis, please contact our reception team on (08) 9382 2388 to book a suitable time.

Appointments are available anytime between 8am and 2pm, Monday to Friday

What is involved?

  1. Semen sample for analysis are produced by masturbation and collected in a sterile specimen jar.
  2. Concept Fertility has special rooms within the clinic that are designed for collection of the sample. You can chose to produce your sample from home. This sample must be delivered to the clinic within the hour. It is also essential that you avoid exposing the sperm to extreme temperature and sunlight. For couples that have religious convictions, special condoms which are not toxic to sperm can be purchased at Concept Fertility.
  3. We will also review the information collected from your questionnaire to help interpret the results of your semen analysis.

How are the results interpreted?

Semen analysis measurements need to be compared with reference values before we can determine which treatment option is right for you. We will also review the information collected from your questionnaire to make an overall prognosis.

Below are published reference ranges from the World Health Organization (WHO) for the semen values observed in 1,400 men who had fathered children in a 12-month period.

Semen Volume1.5ml
Total sperm number≥39 million per ejaculate
Total Motility>40%
Progressive Motility>32%
Sperm Morphology≥4%

Abnormal sperm samples may show either no sperm (azoospermia), reduced sperm count, motility, morphology or a combination of these.

Other tests that can be done and must be requested by your doctor include:

What factors can affect the results?

Time of collection – Changes in sperm can occur over time, particularly after an hour has passed. It is important that the sperm is delivered to the clinic within an hour to maintain quality.

  1. Prior abstinence period ­­­– It is best to have 24 hours of abstinence before doing the test as it can affect seminal volume, sperm numbers and quality.
  2. Sample collected – The full sample should be collected as only collecting a partial sample can reduce the sperm numbers and seminal volume.
  3. Overall health – It takes about 72 days for sperm to mature so poor health might affect overall sperm quality.
  4. Medication – There are some medications that can affect overall sperm quality.
  5. Smoking – Smoking has been shown to damage sperm DNA, which is linked to poor fertility.
  6. Alcohol Consumption - Alcohol can alter the sperm count, size, shape and motility.

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