In 2022 we are excited to be able to announce that we are introducing Embryoscopes into our embryology laboratory.


An embryoscope is an innovative Time lapsed incubator that will allow our Embryologists to carefully monitor and analyse the development of your precious embryos. This technology not only has the next generation technology incubators but also includes high resolution camera and software that is able to capture images of the embryos every 7 seconds. The biggest advantage to these scopes is the developing embryos can be viewed without removing them from the incubator, resulting in less handling. This data can also help our embryologists analyse embryo development in detail, which can help to determine a selection and de-selection criteria. Why does this matter to the patient – studies have shown it can improve implantation rate and reduce pregnancy loss, therefore improve live birth rate.

This service is available for all our patients undertaking an IVF/ICSI/FET cycle and there is no additional cost for this service. You can also take home an image of your embryo.

RI Witness

RI Witness, an electronic witnessing system, is operational in our Andrology laboratory to ensure the highest level of quality control for our samples. The system allows for continuous validation of the identity and traceability of the samples within the work area.

RI Witness is designed to prevent errors from happening in a treatment cycle by following sample movement between dishes or tubes, giving our patients peace of mind.

Being able to offer the latest technology to our patients, specialists and staff forms part of the Concept Fertility mission and we would welcome the opportunity to showcase our purpose built laboratories and facilities.