What is it?

Timed intercourse is one of the simplest fertility treatments available and is often the starting point of a couple’s fertility journey. It helps couples with pinpointing their most fertile window.

Who is it for?

Timed intercourse is ideal for:

Why is timed intercourse important?

Typically, each month an egg is released from the ovaries – this process is also known as ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days after the start of your period, but it’s normal for women to ovulate anywhere between 12-18 days prior to their period.

Once the egg has been released from the ovaries, the egg has a window period of between 24-48 hours to be fertilised in the fallopian tubes. Timing is vital and hence, by determining when ovulation will occur, we can advise you with the right time for intercourse which will offer the best chance of conception.

What is involved?

What if timed intercourse does not work?

If timed intercourse is unsuccessful there are other treatment options available, and our fertility specialists are here to help you develop a treatment plan that is customised to your individual diagnosis and circumstance.

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