Couples are often surprised when faced with the prospect of infertility as it is something not commonly thought about until natural attempts at conceiving are repeatedly unsuccessful. It can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming on both you and your partner and it can take time to understand the situation and what the implications may be.

Some possible emotional effects

Couples often find it difficult or uncomfortable discussing their challenges around fertility openly with their family and friends due to social stigmas surrounding infertility. At times, it can feel like a lonely road. Often, you might experience feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, and anger towards the situation and/or a partner, family, and friends.

Feelings of failure, not living up to your partner’s expectations, a perceived loss of purpose in your relationship often show as resentment and disappointment. These feelings can cause strain on your close relationships and family members.

The desire to become pregnant and have a baby can be described by some as an obsession that takes over every facet of your life.

As one patient described it, “My husband and I have been trying to have a child for five years now and feel very isolated in our despair and heartache”

It is vital to understand that infertility is a journey that fluctuates in intensity, hence, you may experience various emotions at different times. Everyone’s emotional response to infertility and means of coping will differ greatly and there is no “set” course in this journey.

What help is there?

Our infertility counsellors are trained professionals with years of experience in this field. They are here to prepare, support and advise you on your fertility journey. Having their guidance and support is beneficial and counselling is a part of the comprehensive service that we provide here at Concept Fertility.

For counselling appointments with one of our trained counselling specialists, call us at 08 9382 2388.

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