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Semen collection, analysis and how to become a sperm donor 

The analysis of a man's semen is easy, cheap, not too inconvenient and tells the doctor immediately the number of sperm present (total count), whether they move (their motility) and if so how well, and what they look like (their morphology). Other aspects of the examination include the volume and consistency of the ejaculate produced, whether an infection is present in the genital tract and if Antisperm antibodies are suspected.

When the results of this data, along with other pertinent information (such as the period of abstinence before the sample was collected, the time delay between collection and delivery to the laboratory, how it was collected, and if there was any spillage), an assessment of a man's potential for fertility can be given. Frequently, more than one analysis is required, since the testes are a very sensitive indicator of general health and, as sperm are produced over a ten-week period, many factors can affect their production.

The following questions may need an answer when you deliver your sample for analysis. The reasons appear below:

Time of collection?

Changes in sperm can occur over time particularly after 60 minutes.

Prior abstinence period?

Can affect seminal volume and sperm numbers and quality.

Was the whole sample collected?

Can reduce the sperm numbers and seminal volume if some is spilt.

Health in previous 3 months?

Maturation of sperm takes 72 days so poor health during this time might be reflected in the sperm quality.


A range of medications can effect sperm quality.


Smoking has been shown to damage sperm DNA which is linked to poor fertility.

Becoming a sperm donor is a wonderful, and unselfish act, that will help people and assist them in achieving pregnancy. Sperm donors are currently in high demand as Australia is in short supply of donors. If becoming a donor has ever crossed your mind we really want to hear from you. 

Here are the relevant details about becoming a donor.

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