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Human sperm and embryos have been routinely cryopreserved in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) programmes since the first birth from frozen - thawed human sperm was reported in 1953 and the first pregnancy after cryopreservation of a human embryo was reported in 1983. Successful cryopreservation of human oocytes has proved more difficult. Because of their size and unique structural characteristics oocytes are more susceptible to damage during freezing than sperm or embryos. The first pregnancy originating from a frozen – thawed and fertilized human oocyte was reported in 1986 which was soon followed by the first live birth reported in 1987. Oocyte freezing however, has until recently been relatively unsuccessful. The early results were variable with only 5 children born from 1987 – 1995.

Who might benefit from oocyte freezing?

Oocyte freezing has been used in the following situations:

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