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Sperm Donors Wanted

Thank you for considering becoming a sperm donor.  Sperm donors are urgently required and your donations will be greatly appreciated.

The relevant details about becoming a donor are outlined below.

Step 1.  Interview with Concept Scientific Director to go over all the relevant information that you need to know.  This also involves a blood test to check for viruses such as Hep B, C HTLV and HIV, and syphilis. 

Step 2. Semen analysis to check for suitability quality sperm

Step 3. A session with our counsellor.  Please note if you are married or in a defacto relationship your partner must attend the counselling session (legal requirement)

Step 4. An appointment with our medical consultant.

Criteria to be met.

  • Normal semen analysis
  • Free from viruses checked for
  • No known genetic diseases in the family
  • 18 to ~ 50 years old in good health

Once you have been cleared to become a sperm donor you can donate up to 25 samples. These are stored frozen.  Six months after the last donation you will be asked to have another blood test to check for the viruses we originally screened for. If the screening tests are negative we can start to use the sperm you have donated.

The reimbursement is $20 on the day of the donation and $55 per donation to be paid after the second blood test provided no viruses have been contracted during the donating period and we can use the sample.  This equates to $75 per sample.

The recipient couples must remain anonymous to you.

We can only tell you if there have been any children born, but no other information. If you would like further information about the family this could be gained via the Voluntary Register. 

Importantly, you remain anonymous to the recipient. The donor is not considered a legal parent. As a donor you have no legal rights or responsibilities.  All our records are strictly confidential. We do not tell anyone (apart from the health department) your identifying details. 

The government has recently introduced legislation so that offspring can have access to identifying information (name and date of birth) about the donor when they are 16.

Please contact the Scientific Director at Concept (9382 2388) if you have any other questions or would like to come in for an interview.